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Daily Shampoo: Makarizo Shampoo Texture Experience Strawberry Yoghurt Review

Another Saturday. It's more than 2 months since I started using Makarizo Texture Experience shampoo that recommended by my friend. She told me that Makarizo shampoo been using in many salon as their basic shampoo. I seen this shampoo once at saloon near my house. So I decided to try it since it quite affordable, only Rp30.000 for 250ml.

I bought it at saloon supplier store in Pasar Baru Jakarta Pusat. A store like this remind me of those time in Bandung when I visit salon supplier store called Toko Mahmud quite often. In Jakarta I haven't visit that much store like this because mostly I only went to the mall. Ah, this make me miss those Bandung moment again.
Anyway another reason why I bought this shampoo because of the smell. So nice! I choose the uncommon one, which is Strawberry Yoghurt. I said uncommon because both my friend or the store staff think the smell is... savory & tasty like a real strawberry yoghurt but not a good idea if your hair smell like that. But sinc…

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