Inez Colour Contour Plus Blusher #Lady Inez | Review

by - Desember 20, 2012

Haloo! Mihihihi seneng banget ya bentar lagi libur panjang hahaha.. aku udah siap-siap mau mudik! Maklum anak kos dan udah sebulan lebih gak pulang jadi kangen rumah banget..

Hahaha cukup ya intermezo nya.. Sekarang aku mau review blush lokal nih.. daaan sekali lagi maaf kalo bahasanya campur campur.. Review ini juga ku import dari blog ku yang lama.

Aku sempet kerajingan sama trend musim gugur dan memberanikan coba-coba warna blush baru yang rada-rada bernuansa Fall. Walaupun di Indonesia gak ada musim gugur, tapi musim penghujan kaya gini juga cocok lho pakai warna-warna ala Fall Season.

Yes, Fall Trend is identical with purplish, dark warm rosy, dusty, mauve, or raisin colour.
And this is my first time seeing a local blush that has a bold colour instead just of peach or pink that everybody would choose.

So this is blush from Inez called Lady Inez. You would not get this brand in department store or drugstore. You must going to cosmetic store like Pasar Baru or ITC to find this brand.

Inez Colour Contour Plus Blusher with Brush
shade Lady Inez
Price : 37.500

They came with a box which is pretty good for me. The downside is the did not seal their  packaging so we would have no idea wether the one we purchased had been tested by someone, right?

I don't like the design though.. It's look so oldish and nothing attractive.
Its contain pretty much amount of product since almost blush from another brand just have about 3-4grams.
 Pretty big packaging. It was sturdy enough to carrying around when traveling, but I choose to not bringin it when traveling because the blush itself is got cracked easily.

Move on into the colour. I can say that this one has a kind of unique colour since it would look like a dark rosy colour as it touch your skin, but sometimes it would look dark purplish on the pan. I am not really good describing colour but you can see yourself from the swatch above. I tried my best to get the closest swatch as the actual colour. Because picture can tell everything for describing a colour.

Besides the pretty colour, I really hate the texture of this blush. It was so messy and powdery. It looks like a pressed talc if I can say. Oh, and it has a slight scent too. I scent like an old products (do you know what I mean?).
The staying power is pretty good. It still looking good after 4 hours in my skin.

So that was it.. Let me know your opinion about this one if you have tried or if you plan to get this in the future or if you got into fall make up trend like me now.
I do really hope this review helpful besides my lack reviewing skill.
I would try my best in the future.
Smile and have a good day everyone :)

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4 komentar

  1. thank you for your review! warnanya agak pucat ya, tapi kurasa ttp cocok buat beberapa make up tertentu, terutama yang bernuansa baroque gitu :D

    you're invited to join my beauty giveaway, win etude house, skinfood, and face shop products for 3 winners, click here :D

    1. menurutku malah warnanya gak pucat lhoo.. ini bisa dipakai sebagai blush bronzer IMO :)

  2. Wiii murah tapi bagus ya inez ini. Aku juga suka, terutama eyelinernya..

    visit my blog ya di ada dua giveaway say.. ikutan yakkk

    1. Yap inez memang bagus! Makasih ya hanaa udah mampir :) aku suka blog mu~


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